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Places to Find Our Product….

Natural Selection

An amazing “little gem” of a grocery store in Grass Valley with a sister store, Mother Truckers, in North San Juan. Check them out – they probably have just what you want.
Natural Selection

Sunflower Market

Your standby natural food market and deli in Yuba City. They are super friendly and helpful.
Sunflower Market

BriarPatch Co-op Natural Foods Community Market

The flagship of organic food shopping in Nevada County.

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative

Organized store, friendly staff and diverse selection with a commitment to healthy living. A great shopping choice.
Chico Natural


Friendly Companies

Bald Mountain Brewery

Brewed with hops farmed right here on Township Talley Farm!

Freja’s Foods

Our wonderful friend Freja makes some fantastic meat alternatives

Dancing Tomato Caffe

Delicious food and friendly faces from this family owned business in Yuba City. They genuinely care about our local community. Ask them about Bald Mountain Brewery on tap too.


Wine Pairings

Hickman Family Vineyard

An awesome family winery in Bangor – always presenting a diverse array of delicious wines. They host fun events in every season (and you can learn about food pairings and wine making techniques). Hope we see you there!

Cante Ao Vinho

Is wine your thing? Our good friends Tom and Jackie Farina make some fabulous wine . Try out my personal favorite, “Summer’s Last Kiss” if you get a chance!


Other Links that might interest you….

Rare Earth Landscaping Materials

Do you need honest-to-goodness, productive dirt? Jami and Jim Hopper have been providing gardening, farming and landscaping supplies for over 33 years. They have developed a full organic line including seed starter blends, transplant mixes and composts that will make every farmer happy. Check out their full line of products in Grass Valley. Thank you Rare Earth!!

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